BB Korn, Silver


Technically skilled enthusiasts of the 1930s loved to race the legendary B.B. Korn cars around the club tracks. Called tether cars or spindizzies, they could reach incredible speeds.   The BB Korn is a reproduction fully to scale.  It is hand tooled with traditionally die stamped body parts in aluminum and brass.  The BB Korn has a detailed dash and rubber tires.  Lift the hood to admire the replica engine and smell the luxurious leather of the driver’s seat. This is a touch of car history. High-tech nostalgia at its best.

  • Replica 1930s Model Car
  • BB Korn Spindizzy Tether Car
  • Opening Hood w/ Replica (non-working) Gas Engine
  • Material: Aluminum, brass & rubber
  • Handcrafted individually
  • 20 3/4"L, 9"W, 7"H